nail art idea

It’s always nice to have neatly painted nails. But what’s even better is a cute design on them. There are lots of difficult and confusing types of nail art but here’s one you can easily do yourself.

  • First, paint your nails with 1 or 2 colours of your choice ( you don’t have to paint them, you can also just use a base coat )
  • On either side of the nail, put 3 or 4 little dots (doesn’t matter which color) underneath eachother with a little space between them.
  • Then with a different color, paint thin lines that connect the dots ( horizontal or crossed lines, doesn’t matter, just use what you like the most. )
  • If you’re happy with the result, wait for the nail polish to dry and apply a top coat.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t get it perfect right away, just keep trying 🙂  If you don’t find it easy with    normal pail polish, there are other nail polishes available with a thinner haired brush which aren’t as messy.



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