5 hairstyles to boost your confidence

1. the pixie: with a daring hairstyle like the pixie cut, you immediatly draw attention when you walk into a room.It makes you look clean and fresh and you don’t need to spend much time on it in the morning. You can really rock this hairdo when you’ve got more distinct features, like high cheekbones. Give it the finishing touch with a bright lipstick… if you dare.

2. curls with volume: when you don’t know what to do with your hair, or you’ve got a little skin problem, try curls! It draws the attention away from your face and to your hair instead. Curls can be cute and girly (just the tips) or daring and bold (the tips to the roots). Don’t forget to use a product that keeps your hair from getting frizzy and being all over the place.

3. the high ponytail: go for a strict and sexy look by tying your hair firmly together high on your head, and twisting a string of hair around the base. Complete the look with eyeliner and a bit of colour on your lips.

4. the Bardot look: Brigitte Bardot’s hairstyle (more specifically the ‘hump’) is still popular on the red carpet. It gives you the bombshell look and works for a classy evening as well as a normal schoolday. Jusy don’t use too much hairspray and don’t be afraid to move! It’s not a disaster if a few hairs fall out of place. It’ll only make it look more natural.

5. straight & simple: all you need is a straightening iron and product to protect your hair against the heat. It’s an easy     way to get a whole new hairstyle. (if you haven’t got straight hair already)

1. image



4. Een Bardot-bult bij Christina Hendricks



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