If there’s one thing you can’t miss when you do your make-up, it’s your concealer. Whether you use it to cover up any red spots, or to make those annoying dark circles under your eyes disappear when you haven’t had much sleep the night before, it’s a really handy part of your make-up bag.

Personally, I prefer the liquid concealers, because I find them easier to apply. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t like the cover sticks. I’m always looking for products which aren’t too expensive, but still do a good job.

The Stay Natural Concealer from Essence was a pleasant surprise. It stays on fairly well troughout the day and you can twist the pen at the end, making it easy to use. Of course it doesn’t work on everything, so for sometimes you’ll need to use a different colour.

For example: a slightly pink concealer works really well when your complexion is a little pale because you’re sick . ( you’ll still need to apply a beige concealer or foundation after, or else you’ll be walking around with a pink spot on your face. )

If you want to know which colours you need to use for blue/purple circles under your eyes or red spots, you can check here.

Essence stay natural 


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