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Hair combs

I finally watched The Great Gatsby and wanted to bring some of that 20’s fashion into my everyday life, so I went shopping and bought myself a beautiful golden hair comb.

The easiest way to get one to stay in your hair, is to put a bobby pin in your hair first and them slide the comb behind it, so the top covers the pin. You can also make a braid and put  the comb at the top.

What’s so great about these, is that you can go as subtle or big as you want. They come in all sizes and you don’t have to spend a lot of money. I got mine for 9 euros, but in the shop where I got it (Bijou Brigitte), the price went as low as 3 for some.

Hair Comb - Pearl Bouquet      Hair comb - Blossom rhinestone


KIS argan oil power serum

People always ask me which products I use to keep my hair healthy and soft. I don’t really use anything other than normal shampoo and conditioner, but one thing I can’t go without is  the argan oil power serum from KIS.

My hair used to be really dry, so I asked my hairdresser what I could do about it and he recommended it to me. I was quite skeptical at first, but it really works!

You just take a little oil after you’ve blow dried your haird and use your hands to apply it on the tips of your hair and then on the rest. Don’t use too much, otherwise it will look greasy.

I can certainly recommend it for slightly damaged hair, because the oil will make your hair look healthy and shiny. I don’t know if it’s available everywhere though, seeing as it’s a Belgian brand.


Dip dye or copper highlights

I might get a dip dye. I’ve wanted to do this for a long time, but I couldn’t decide on a colour. I have brown hair, so I’ll either get one or two shades lighter, or a bright blue. Lots of people are jumping on the dip dye train right now and it’s a trend I’m definitely a fan of.

You can keep it as subtle as you want, but you can also pick an unusual colour like blue, green,… Just remember that even though you like a colour, there’s a possibility it won’t look as good when you use it as your haircolour.

On the other hand, I’m also considering getting copper coloured highlights. I think they’ll look good on my brown hair and bring out the slightly copper undertones I’ve inherited from my dad.


Hair accessories

I’m really proud of my long hair and I always try to make it look as good as possible, by curling it, or using hair accessories. That’s probably why I’m constantly looking for cute hairpins and such. They’re great, because you can do lots of things with them and get really creative. For example: when you’re having a bad hair day, you can tie your hair in a ponytail and make it a little more exciting with a colourful hair band. You can go for vintage hairbands, or go colourful with flashy hairpins. It’s entirely up to you!

Silver/grey hair

Now this is a trend I really like, but don’t have the courage to do it myself. Grey hair is no longer an annoying indicator that you’re getting older, it’s become a big trend now.

I have long hair myself, so I would need a lot of hair dye to completely colour it. That isn’t particularly a problem, but once you start, you have to keep dyeing it in order to prevent your natural colour coming trough.

You also never know if a colour looks good on you until you try it, so that’s why I’m afraid it will look bad and I’ll have to walk around with a haircolour I absolutely hate. I still think it looks great though, just not on me.



I never know what to do with my hair when I’m writing, because it always falls into my eyes and it really annoys me. Of course it still has to look good, so here are a few options you can use when you want to keep your hair out of your face.

side ponytail

normal ponytail

high bun

messy bun

fishtail braid

french braid

using a hairpin

using a headband

5 hairstyles to boost your confidence

1. the pixie: with a daring hairstyle like the pixie cut, you immediatly draw attention when you walk into a room.It makes you look clean and fresh and you don’t need to spend much time on it in the morning. You can really rock this hairdo when you’ve got more distinct features, like high cheekbones. Give it the finishing touch with a bright lipstick… if you dare.

2. curls with volume: when you don’t know what to do with your hair, or you’ve got a little skin problem, try curls! It draws the attention away from your face and to your hair instead. Curls can be cute and girly (just the tips) or daring and bold (the tips to the roots). Don’t forget to use a product that keeps your hair from getting frizzy and being all over the place.

3. the high ponytail: go for a strict and sexy look by tying your hair firmly together high on your head, and twisting a string of hair around the base. Complete the look with eyeliner and a bit of colour on your lips.

4. the Bardot look: Brigitte Bardot’s hairstyle (more specifically the ‘hump’) is still popular on the red carpet. It gives you the bombshell look and works for a classy evening as well as a normal schoolday. Jusy don’t use too much hairspray and don’t be afraid to move! It’s not a disaster if a few hairs fall out of place. It’ll only make it look more natural.

5. straight & simple: all you need is a straightening iron and product to protect your hair against the heat. It’s an easy     way to get a whole new hairstyle. (if you haven’t got straight hair already)

1. image



4. Een Bardot-bult bij Christina Hendricks