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The quiet place

If you ever need to relax for a moment, or when you’re looking for a little bit of peace and quiet, you should visit this site. It helps you calm down when you’re stressed and forget your problems for a moment.


Comfortable clothes

I usually get a cold during vacations, which, although it really irritates me, I can easily live with. This time though, many people have the stomach flu and I think I might have caught it too.

I’m not extremely sick but I don’t feel very good either, which means that until I’m better, I’ll be spending my days in front of my laptop or tv, wrapped in a warm and fluffy blanket.

I probably won’t be putting much thought into my clothes, because when I’m sick, I like to wear either my pajamas or something that’s equally comfortable, like my hoodie and sweatpants. I hope you’re feeling better than I am!

My opinion

Everytime I look for clothes, they’re always showed by these REALLY skinny models. Don’t get me wrong, you can look great being skinny, but not everyone has to look like this. You can look just as pretty -and in some cases healthier- if you’ve got curves.

Looking good to me isn’t about what size clothes you wear, although you should still eat healthy too maintain a healthy weight. It’s about feeling good and confident about how you look. If you’re happy with your body and you feel comfortable in it, other people will notice too.

Choose your clothes according to your figure and if you want too feel better about it, try exercising once or twice a week. It’ll help you lose a little weight if you need to and you’ll feel happier about your body.

My message to everyone thinking they’ll only look good when they’re super skinny : love and accept your curves and you’ll feel much happier about yourself!

Sorry about my little rant, I don’t want to offend anyone, I just want to get the message across.