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KIS argan oil power serum

People always ask me which products I use to keep my hair healthy and soft. I don’t really use anything other than normal shampoo and conditioner, but one thing I can’t go without is  the argan oil power serum from KIS.

My hair used to be really dry, so I asked my hairdresser what I could do about it and he recommended it to me. I was quite skeptical at first, but it really works!

You just take a little oil after you’ve blow dried your haird and use your hands to apply it on the tips of your hair and then on the rest. Don’t use too much, otherwise it will look greasy.

I can certainly recommend it for slightly damaged hair, because the oil will make your hair look healthy and shiny. I don’t know if it’s available everywhere though, seeing as it’s a Belgian brand.



So Polish update 2

I almost reached a week… but yesterday the polish started coming off. Only on my thumb and index finger though, but since it was on both sides, I felt it was best to take the others off too. I didn’t do anything that could damage the nail polish, but it’s possible that it wasn’t sealed enough, since it was the first time I tried this. Overall, I’m quite pleased with how it turned out, even though it didn’t stay on two weeks like the product promised.

So Polish update

I promised to tell you how it went with the Professionails nail polish I tried and here is the first update!

The So Polish has been on my nails for three days now and it’s still perfect. I’m happy about this, because my experience with other nail polishes has learned me that after the third or fourth day, they usually start coming off. The polish is also still as shiny as when it was applied and I look forward to seeing how long it will stay this way. I certainly haven’t been extra careful, so that’s proof it stays on even though you do the dishes.

Let’s see if I can make it another three days, without the polish being damaged 🙂

Catrice Ultimate Lip Glow

Last week, I went shopping for make-up and I saw the Catrice Ultimate Lip Glow. I tried it today and it’s simply brilliant! It intensifies your natural lip colour, giving your lips a brighter colour  without the need of a thick layer of lipstick. It’s one of my favourite lipsticks, because the colour isn’t too flashy. Brightly coloured lipsticks don’t exactly agree with me, making it hard to find one that draws the attention, but doesn’t make me look like I just kissed a clown.

Catrice Ultimate Lip Glow

So Polish

The people from Professionails gave us a demo today, teaching me and my class how to use their So Polish nail polishes. I was pleasantly surprised about the result.

Of course you have to prepare your nails first, using the So Polish products.After that, you apply a color of your choice (2 layers), which you have to keep under an uv lamp for 2 minutes each time. I recommend you let someone else do it, a friend with a steady hand or someone at the nail salon, because you have to apply the thin layers of polish really carefully.

I used “close your eyes”, which is a dark red color and it covered evenly. Once the nail polish is dry, (which happens quite fast thanks to the uv lamp and the So Polish Shine you have to apply afterwards) it can’t get damaged anymore, so you don’t have to worry when you bump into something.

My nails look really shiny and the color I chose, sparkles a bit, which I like. The product promises to stay on for two weeks, which is what I’m going to test. I promise to keep you updated!.

Yves Rocher mascara

I’m always looking for mascara that actually does what the commercials tell you. Most of the time they’re messy to work with or make your lashes stick together. When I bought my latest mascara I wasn’t too confident about it, but it surprised me in a good way.

The Yves Rocher couleurs nature extra volume mascara doesn’t only coat your eyelashes with an intense black colour, it also separates them and gives a nice volume. I don’t know why, but it also seems to make your eyelashes curl a little more, which is a great bonus.

Although the brush may be a little difficult to work with in the beginning, I would definitely buy it again.