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The other day, I was looking for a pair of shoes which I could wear all day without my feet hurting. I found a pair of loafers that are not only really comfortable, but look great too. I used to think only old people wore them, but there are so many designs and colours right now, that anyone could pull them off. If you’re looking for a pair of shoes, but don’t know what to get, I suggest you go buy yourself a pair of loafers.



Time for some colour

The sun’s finally showing itself, so I’ve decided to brighten up my blog a little too. After all, who doesn’t get happy from flashy colours?

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Even though we don’t celebrate St. Patrick’s Day here, I’ve decided to colour my blog green today. If you’re looking for nail art, accessories or make-up which will make you fit in perfectly today, you’ve come to the right place. Check out a few ideas, I’ve kept it quite subtle, but you can always take it a little further and go for a bright green hat or pants.




A trend which really stands out this spring, is without a doubt to wear things with a metallic shine. You can keep it subtle with a metallic nail polish or accessories, or be a little bolder with a pair of metallic pants.


I like to wear heels, but once in a while my feet need a break. That’s why I’m so fond of my sneakers; they’re comfortable and match with lots of clothes. You can get crazy with colours, spikes and glitters, or keep it basic with a classic black. Whichever way you look at it, sneakers are a great addition to your shoe collection.

Pastel and neon

A great trend to try out this spring is wearing soft pastels. If you don’t particularly like light colours, you can try combining them with brighter neon ones. Just experiment with different accessories and clothes, until you find something you like. Personally, I like to wear a pastel coloured dress or top, combined with neon accessories. That way, my outfit stands out, without being too bright.



Stripes are definitely back this season, horizontal as well as vertical ones. Just keep in mind, horizontal stripes might make your waist look a little wider. Matching your shoes with your clothes makes your outfit extra fun and interesting, but don’t go overboard and keep your accessories simple. The stripes are meant to be the eyecatcher after all.