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From fantasy to reality

I saw a documentary about extreme makeovers yesterday and decided to do a little research. I found two women who transformed themselves completely.

First, there’s a Russian model who now looks like a living Barbie doll. Her name is Valeria Lukyanova and she claims her face and figure are the result of make-up and genetics. Plastic surgery experts however, refuse to believe this. I’ll leave it up to you to decide.

There’s also a Ukrainian woman you would easily mistake for a living anime character. Anatasiya Shpagina has make-up tutorials on youtube which have been viewed by over 4 million people.  She hasn’t had plastic surgery (yet) and spends hours on her make-up everyday.

Personally, I think everyone is allowed to do with their body what they want and I do think they look good, but it’s a step too far for me.



Time for some colour

The sun’s finally showing itself, so I’ve decided to brighten up my blog a little too. After all, who doesn’t get happy from flashy colours?

Draw attention to your eyes

If you’re looking for a way to draw the attention to your eyes, you can try using a coloured mascara. First, you apply a layer of black mascara and then cover the ends of your lashes with the colour of your choice.

For example : I have green eyes, so I tend to use a green mascara. If your eyelashes stick together, like mine sometimes do, just take an eyebrow brush and use the comb to lightly comb trough them. You’ll immediatly see the difference a little colour can make.

Brown eyes look great with earth colours, like green or brown.

Green ones look fantastic with plum or violet.

For blue eyes, you can try yellow or a darker/lighter blue than your eye colour.

People with grey eyes can work with almost any colour and focus on the undertones. ( for example : if you’ve got green undertones, you can use a green mascara.)

Finally, we have amber eyes, which look good with a light blue colour.

If you’re still not sure which colour to use, you can take a look right here



Simple face painting

Monday, we could choose what we wanted to do in our make-up class and we decided to get creative. I kept it simple, but I’m quite pleased with the result. I’ll give you a description of how I created this look, so you can try it too if you want.


What you’ll need : I used orange, black and white supracolor make-up from Kryolan, a make-up sponge, a thin brush and a little bit of white glitter. Of course, which colours you use is up to you. I used these colours because they looked good on the model.


First, you take a little bit of the orange colour with a sponge and you apply a little on the eyelid, above the eyebrow and under the eye.

Then, you can either use an eyeliner pencil to draw the shapes you want ( this is easier to remove, in case you want to change something ) or you can skip this step and use the thin make-up brush and black colour to create the shapes.

Next, you take a different brush ( preferably a little thinner than the one you just used ) and you draw the little white dots. I made mine quite big, so there was an obvious contrast between the black and the white, but the size and where you decide to draw them is entirely up to you.

I don’t know if you can see it in the picture, but I also used white glitter on the white dots. You can use the same brush as before and dip it in water. After you’ve done this, you dip it in the glitter and fill up the dots. The water will make the glitter stick better, so you don’t have to worry about that.

I used a little eyeshadow on both eyes, starting with a dark orange colour on the outside, a golden orange in the middle and white in the corners. I used an eyeliner pencil to draw a thin line under the eye, but I didn’t use it on the eyelid, because I thought it might have been a little too much.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Even though we don’t celebrate St. Patrick’s Day here, I’ve decided to colour my blog green today. If you’re looking for nail art, accessories or make-up which will make you fit in perfectly today, you’ve come to the right place. Check out a few ideas, I’ve kept it quite subtle, but you can always take it a little further and go for a bright green hat or pants.



Shopping in Brussels

Me and my friends went to Brussels today and after running to catch the right train and a brief moment when we might have been a bit lost, we arrived at the MAC store. The people who worked there were very friendly, talked to us about the MAC products and even gave us a demo. Their brushes and make-up are great for professionals in the make-up business. Everyone can go shopping they have really good cosmetic products and will help you if you don’t know what kind of make-up is best for your skin type.

After that, we want to the Make Up For Ever shop to look at their products. They have a wide range of cosmetics, from bodypaint to contacts and normal make-up. There’s also an academy, where people from all over the world, who want to be a professional make-up artist, come to learn. You should definitely visit them if you’re ever in Brussels.


We also went shopping, which was a little confusing at first, because a lot of the shop assistants spoke French (I understand it, but don’t really speak it fluently) but eventually, we figured it out. I bought a light blue Shamballa bracelet, which is a Tibetan bracelet that should bring luck to whoever’s wearing it -let’s hope it works- and lots of sweets from Sucx. I have a big sweeth tooth and I felt like I was in heaven! If I ever go to Brussels again, there’s no doubt I’m going back to that shop.


Coloured eyeliner

I once said a little bit of eyeliner can make a big difference and I still believe it does. That’s why I’m posting about coloured eyeliners this time. You can combine them with eyeshadow, but when doing that, it’s best to stick to a nude lipstick or gloss. Another option is to use a black eyeliner first and then applying a thin line of coloured liner above it.  


Noticing the details

Whether it’s about fashion, make-up or just in general, I’ve found the smaller things to be the most beautiful. For example, I just love how a simple belt can change an entire outfit, or how a little jewelry can make you stand out. That’s why I always pay attention to the details, because the littlest things can make the biggest difference.

Catrice Ultimate Lip Glow

Last week, I went shopping for make-up and I saw the Catrice Ultimate Lip Glow. I tried it today and it’s simply brilliant! It intensifies your natural lip colour, giving your lips a brighter colour  without the need of a thick layer of lipstick. It’s one of my favourite lipsticks, because the colour isn’t too flashy. Brightly coloured lipsticks don’t exactly agree with me, making it hard to find one that draws the attention, but doesn’t make me look like I just kissed a clown.

Catrice Ultimate Lip Glow


If there’s one thing you can’t miss when you do your make-up, it’s your concealer. Whether you use it to cover up any red spots, or to make those annoying dark circles under your eyes disappear when you haven’t had much sleep the night before, it’s a really handy part of your make-up bag.

Personally, I prefer the liquid concealers, because I find them easier to apply. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t like the cover sticks. I’m always looking for products which aren’t too expensive, but still do a good job.

The Stay Natural Concealer from Essence was a pleasant surprise. It stays on fairly well troughout the day and you can twist the pen at the end, making it easy to use. Of course it doesn’t work on everything, so for sometimes you’ll need to use a different colour.

For example: a slightly pink concealer works really well when your complexion is a little pale because you’re sick . ( you’ll still need to apply a beige concealer or foundation after, or else you’ll be walking around with a pink spot on your face. )

If you want to know which colours you need to use for blue/purple circles under your eyes or red spots, you can check here.

Essence stay natural