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Dip dye or copper highlights

I might get a dip dye. I’ve wanted to do this for a long time, but I couldn’t decide on a colour. I have brown hair, so I’ll either get one or two shades lighter, or a bright blue. Lots of people are jumping on the dip dye train right now and it’s a trend I’m definitely a fan of.

You can keep it as subtle as you want, but you can also pick an unusual colour like blue, green,… Just remember that even though you like a colour, there’s a possibility it won’t look as good when you use it as your haircolour.

On the other hand, I’m also considering getting copper coloured highlights. I think they’ll look good on my brown hair and bring out the slightly copper undertones I’ve inherited from my dad.



Pastel and neon

A great trend to try out this spring is wearing soft pastels. If you don’t particularly like light colours, you can try combining them with brighter neon ones. Just experiment with different accessories and clothes, until you find something you like. Personally, I like to wear a pastel coloured dress or top, combined with neon accessories. That way, my outfit stands out, without being too bright.


Nail polish

Nothing like brightly coloured nails to brighten up your day, when the weather outside is gray and cold. My personal favourites are neon colours, because you can match them with really simple outfits. I also like the OPI sand textured nail polishes, although I haven’t had the opportunity to try them yet.



Bright lipstick

When you’re not a fan of heavy make-up, but still want to stand out, there’s an easy solution: a brightly coloured lipstick. There are so many colours and shades of lipstick available, everyone can find one that matches their style and personality. It’s also fun to match your it with one of your accesoiries; if you’re wearing red shoes, feel free to wear a bright red lipstick! (but keep in mind that some colours might not fit you as well as others)